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Listing Options for your Charity

Listing Benefits for Charities
  • Branding and exposure on one of Australia's leading Nonprofit sector websites

  • Attract new donors, corporate partners and volunteers with a Featured Listing and hyperlink straight to your website

  • Stand out and be found easily amongst over 57,000 Australian charities

  • Inspire people to connect with your cause via Video with a listing on our Video Wall of Causes

  • Exclusive access to discounted offers from NFP sector suppliers

  • Upskill your staff with access to attend the latest cutting-edge and innovative NFP sector training

  • Access to NFP consultants and industry experts

Looking for the benefits of Listing Your Charity in the Australian Charity Guide?

  • 68% of our website visitors are looking to donate to a Charity​

  • 18% of our website visitors are businesses looking to partner with a Charity​

  • 14% of our website visitors are looking to volunteer with a Charity

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