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emPOWER Your Mission have trained over 970 Charities and Nonprofits across Australia and NZ

We pioneered the innovative and cutting-edge NFP State of the Nation Seminar Roadshow across Australia and NZ

98% of Seminar attendees surveyed said that they would recommend our training to a colleague. Check out their Testimonials 

Experts in the current state of the NFP sector domestically and globally, the latest trends, opportunities, risks and challenges

Specialists in the most up-to-date Fundraising, Marketing and Stewardship techniques and technology


emPOWER Your Mission, leaders in Charity Sector Training and Consulting have trained over 970 NFP organisations and pioneered the NFP State of the Nation Seminar Roadshow across Australia and New Zealand, providing NFP professionals with innovative, up-to-date, relevant and cutting-edge training.

Our training and consulting services focus on the current state of the NFP sector globally and domestically, analysing current trends, challenges and opportunities and highlighting the overall competitiveness of the sector. We also focus on the latest trends, technologies, tools and techniques in NFP Fundraising and Marketing.

Our training and consultancy services focus on how best to promote your organisation to potential donors, corporate partners, staff and volunteers, with best practice Sales and Customer Service techniques and the importance of stewardship.

The positive feedback from our customers has been amazing! However, don't take our word for it, check out some Testimonials. Enquire today info@charitytraining.net about how we can help you.



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